Ready For Peaceful Sleep With No More Snoring, Neck Pain, and Migraines?
Ready For Peaceful
Sleep With No More
Snoring, Neck Pain,
and Migraines?
It helps to stop snoring.
Studies say 1 in 4 married couples sleep separately- and the main reason for that is… snoring! But here is the good news: a very common and easily fixable cause of snoring is the wrong pillow! If your cushion doesn't align your head and neck properly, you're more likely to snore. The wrong pillow can obstruct your breathing patterns, causing you to snore more. Thanks to its special shape and filling, the Necklow anti-snoring micro airball pillow supports and aligns your neck for proper breathing during sleep. Finally, you and your loved one can sleep soundly…and soundlessly.
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It can prevent neck pain.
Waking up with a stiff neck and tension in the neck area is a horrible feeling, yet this is how for millions of people the beginning of a day looks like. In this case, again, one of the things responsible for that is the wrong cushion. Gone are the times when a pillow was supposed to be just fluffy and soft. Nowadays, the right pillow is a smart tool designed to serve a sleeper for the whole night. The Necklow Pillow was created to provide the right support for the whole cervical spine area so that the night can be a time of rest instead of a time of struggle. Its unique shape and filling, and optimized height make the cervical spine align healthily reducing the risk of tension and pain.
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Feels good in any sleeping position.
We might have only one favorite sleeping position but the truth is, statistically every person changes their position 12-40 times a night! A pillow that meets these needs and perfectly adjusts to the head and neck in all positions is every sleeper's dream. That's why Necklow is filled not with memory foam, not with fathers, but with millions of tiny air balls that "obediently" follow every move of the head, still supporting the right neck alignment. Thanks to these tiny balls and Necklow's unique shape, you can forget about fixing the pillow every time you change your position while sleeping.
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It can be a solution to morning migraines.
Approximately 15% of the worldwide population suffers from migraine headaches. But what does a pillow have to do with it? Turns out it has! A wrong pillow (too high, too low, too hard, etc.) can lead to tension in the neck, resulting in waking up with a headache or developing a headache later. For many sleepers, it's a new discovery. If you happen to experience morning headaches (or even afternoon migraines), consider changing the pillow. The healthy alignment Necklow provides to the whole cervical spine area not only prevents waking up with tension in the neck but also reduces the risk of a migraine. Hundreds of Necklow users confirm the air ball cushion helps to alleviate their dragging headache.
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Fast shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Every online shopper knows that apart from the features of the product, fast shipping, a fair refund policy, and cooperative Customer Support also matter. Necklow wants to meet these expectations. The pillow is delivered to a customer's doorstep within 7 days of purchase and the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your new cushion, contact Customer Support within 30 days of delivery and you'll be given a full refund. You won't have to worry about the costs of shipping the pillow back- the company covers them.
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