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The secret of a deep, healthy, & regenerating sleep
✓ Works for Back, Side, and Stomach Sleepers ✓ Supports the natural curvature of the spine ✓ Ultra-comfortable microairballs ✓ Can prevent neck pain ✓ Can help to reduce snoring
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1000+ 5-star reviews
Thousands of sleepers can’t be wrong
Ginger C.
"I've had cervical fusion and both right and left shoulder arthroscopic surgeries. I wasn't sure about when I first received it, but now I can't sleep without it. The pillow adjusts and forms to my needs."
Tina L.
"Oh my I am in heaven. I have battled neck trouble and headaches for years. This is absolutely the best pillow I have ever laid my head on. I have already ordered several more for family. I will never buy anything but this pillow again!"
Deborah R.
"I really like this new pillow. I have had no neck pain since I got it 1 week ago. It seems to cradle my head in the correct position. Ive been sleeping longer too. It’s a keeper for me."
Get Better Sleep 👉
1000+ 5-star reviews
Fall asleep instantly, wake up refreshed
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See how our pillow racks up against competitors
Cradles Your Head
Alleviates Your Snoring
Works for Back, Side, Stomach Sleepers
Adjustable Stuffing
Cooling & Breathable
Under $100
Down Pillow
Memory Foam
Get Better Sleep 👉
1000+ 5-star reviews
Why people choose Necklow
We studied the shape of people’s heads and the way they sleep
Inspired by traditional Japanese pillows that use buckwheat husks, we created a new ergonomic design that cradles the head, neck, and shoulders—areas most prone to tension and pain. And we’re always improving the pillow, thanks to your continued feedback. Finally, a pillow designed for humans in the 21st century.
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What’s wrong with your current pillow
Your pillow was designed for robots in a factory
Most pillows are rectangles because rectangles are the easiest shape to mass-produce. So the one you have on your bed right now was designed for robots in a factory, not for you. Imagine sitting on a chair shaped like a box for eight hours a day. Ouch. We rest on pillows for long periods of time, which means they should support our body’s natural shape, not the other way around.
Join the sleep revolution
The Necklow Pillow is perfect for anyone, regardless of age or body shape. Its 8 million micro-airballs are adjustable and will mold to your contours all night long.
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A better sleep equals a better life.
“Thank you for saving me from surgery! I wish I could give this 1000 stars.”
— Jessica W.
Back, side, stomach sleepers
Cradles your head no matter your sleep position
Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, Necklow’s convex and concave curves will conform to your individual needs and leave you feeling refreshed. No more waking up in the morning with a crick in your neck!
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Reduce snoring & sleep apnea
Ergonomic design for maximum air flow
Necklow unrestricts breathing by helping to align your jaw, which widens your wind pipes and allows for unrestricted breathing. With your air passages aligned and open, you'll breathe easier and snore less - with noticeable results in about 30 days!
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Machine Washable
For sensitive Skin
Reduces Snoring
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the dimensions of the pillow?
The Necklow Sleep pillow is plus size: 22in x 13in x 5in (55cm x 34cm x 13cm).
Is this pillow breathable or does it get hot?
The Necklow Sleep Pillow is made from a breathable fabric that keeps you cool all night long. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and easy to keep clean.
I have sleep apnea and I am using a CPAP machine/mask. Will the pillow work for me?
Yes! The Necklow Sleep Pillow unrestricts breathing by helping to align your jaw, which widens your wind pipes and allows for easy breathing.
Is the pillow certified?
We have a certification of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, one of the world's best-known labels for textiles, that ensures that all our materials are tested for harmful substances and are safe for all skin types.
Can I travel with the Necklow pillow?
Yes! The Necklow pillow is made of light air balls, so it is very soft and lightweight.
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