Do Not Sleep Another Night on Your Basic Pillow

The Secret Of A Deep, Healthy And Regenerating Sleep

While you sleep, Necklow Pillow works for you

The wrong sleeping pillow can lead to neck tension, problems with the neck muscles, and in the worst case to a slipped disc.

Necklow Pillow was designed to provide the right spine alignment while sleeping. Its unique 3D ergonomic shape supports the neck, restoring the proper “C” curve in a cervical area.

8 million micro air balls inside the pillow adapt to every sleeping position. All that for the best relaxation and regeneration during sleep.

“Tired of tossing and turning, looking for the right position?”

Change A Pillow, Not A Sleeping Position

Here’s what creates the perfect sleeping experience:

Unique shape

All the dents and bulges were designed to create the pillow whose shape would be both comfortable and healthy for the spine.

8 million micro air balls

Tiny bubbles “obediently” and without any noise follow every motion of your head, constantly supporting the neck and providing the right spine alignment

Extremely hygienic

Necklow Pillow is machine washable! It’s ideal for delicate skin because washing the entire pillow prevents collecting dust and sweat and developing bacterias and allergens.

Soft & super-breathable fabric

The pillow doesn’t get hot as the air balls do not absorb water. A special pillowcase provides additional protection.

Thousands of Necklow Happy Sleepers

Why Should I Choose Necklow Pillow

Other Pillows

8 million

micro airballs

30 Nights

Satisfaction Guarantee

Works for Back, Side

& Stomach Sleepers

Long Lasting


Can Cost

Hundreds of Dollars

Take care of your sleep ... Take care of your spine

Your bed is supposed to be a cozy, safe place where you find comfort and relaxation – not a place where you struggle with neck pain, keep tossing and turning all along.

By protecting your spine, Necklow Pillow helps to make your sleeping experience a time of deep relaxation and self-care.

Sleep Like A Baby Tonight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the pillow consists of 8 million micro air spheres that optimally support your neck during sleep

The Necklow pillow is made up of super breathable fabric, so it stays cool and does not get hot.
Specially coated Micro Airballs do not absorb water, making it quick and easy to wash. Simply toss it in the washing machine and dry it in a well-ventilated and shaded area!
Necklow pillow will work perfectly with people who use CPAP machines while sleeping. A lot of our users with sleep apnea reported positive feedback and they are completely satisfied with our pillow.

No. Necklow pillow is unique. It is a high-quality product and It is bigger than normal-size pillows in the market. We are not related to any other stores. Necklow is a legitimate brand.

The Necklow pillow is made of light air balls, so it is very soft, elastic, and lightweight.

Yes, we offer our customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like the pillow, we will refund your money immediately.
No! The Necklow pillow does not make any noise at all. The material inside is super tiny and elastic, so it does not make any sound.

If you don’t feel totally relaxed and free of aches after using this, just contact us within 30 days.